[ Corporate Travel ]

Corporate Travel Management is much more than just making travel arrangements for a corporation.

It is about devising and implementing a travel management strategy that achieves and maintains the delicate balance between maximum savings on travel expenditure and an optimal travel experience, while simultaneously identifying opportunities for further optimization of both financial and travel experience goals.

Furthermore, travel as an industry is constantly evolving to offer better services to its clients. The constant changing, however, brings with it its own set of challenges, especially for corporate travel managers. What might be the best strategy for one year, might not work in the next.

The need of the hour, thus, is constant vigilance and monitoring of travel industry trends to keep a tab on the changes and continuous evaluation of existing strategies to chart the future growth. The diversity of travel modes, suppliers and providers further compounds the exercise.

Sugo india simplifies this complexity by dedicating an entire team of core corporate travel managers to observe, analyze, strategize, manage and micromanage the different aspects of corporate travel. Our years of expertise in the area has further enabled us to identify Eight Key Areas, where corporations need to prioritize in order to maximize their travel savings and experience, while responding to the changing needs, specifications, challenges and objectives of your corporation.

Traveller & Transaction Services
Hotel Expense Management
Safety & Security and Corporate Social Responsibilities
Integration and optimization of Meetings and Events